Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spotted Box Time again!!

Hi all,
Well, it's that time of the month again, Spotted Box Blog Time!!
I never guessed how much fun I would have with these little spotted boxes until I started getting them. Even the kids gets excited now on the day it's due to come. It's so nice for a little pick me up halfway through the month.
I'm in it again in May so if you missed me this month be sure to nab one in May!
So here's my loot..
1. Mudslider and 10% off from 2 by 2 Boutique, baby shower this weekend and this will be in the bag.

2. Pink and black keychain (which I totally need and in my favorite colors too!!) from Sweet Stuff Creations,

3. 5 Lavender Rose of Sharon seeds from fluffnflowers, great addition to my garden this year I am planting these inside today.

4. Zebra Hairbow and 10% off by Polkatotboutique

5. Facial Scrubbie and $1 off from Two Seaside Babes

6. Sugar Scrub Sample from

7. A Bookmark and 15% off from T and Little S Designs

8. Nail Art Jewellery by Miss Onyx This is a real interesting concept! Being a cosmetologist myself I will be keeping this one for myself and great trendy colors too.

9. Baby wipe and 10% off from Wooldins

10. Little bag full of purple snaps and 10% off from Oh Snap USA

11. set of 3 stitch markers from Nature Baby Knits

12. Wipe Solution Chunks from Peas and Carrots Baby (sorry no website) but these smell awesome!

13. Crochet bunny magnet and 10% off from Crochet Frog

14. Hair Clippie and 20% off from my very own self LOL I highly recommend this shop!

15. Lip Balm Samples from clear hills honey company

16. Earrings from Tiffany's Trinkets

17. Tranquility Yoga Mat Cleaner and 15% off from

18. recycled bear crayon (very cute) and 10% off from

19. Flower Decal and 20% off from

20. $5 gift certificate from Baby Bean Designs

21. $5 gift certificate from Princess Julianne's Closet

22. Great homeschool ideas from Earth*School

23. Business card holder from Crafts by Christina

24. Infant hat from

25. Eco wool teething bracelet from (this item was voted best of the box for march)

26. Recycle Plastic envelope from

27. $5 gift certificate from Joyful Tie Dyes
All in All another great box...
Sorry no pictures this month my camera is on the fritz..hopefully it will be fixed by next month!
Come visit me at
and in the spotted box in may


  1. Looks like such a fun box with lots of goodies! I hope the mailman hurries up and brings me my box!

  2. I love the spotted box!! glad we can participate together! Cute shop mama! I blogged about it too!



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