Monday, April 20, 2009

Spotted Box Time again

It's that time again and this was a great box!! As usual. I'm in the box again next month so don't miss it!!

So here are some pictures and then the details will follow:

I did not get one of the best of the box this month so I made my own!

My best of the box is from glittersniffers, eye makeup samples that came with their own little brush! How cute is that!! Perfect colors that match my daughter's recital costume and perfect sizes to stuff in my pocketbook!
And here are the rest:
sleepy sleepy tea from I will use this tonight, smells yummy.
Navy and white bow clippie from my daughter already ran off somewhere with this.
Bamboo Baby wipe from Naturally Adorable
Fabric Coaster from
Glitter eye makeup with brush from
Very cool Ponytail holder from crochet frog
Minky on one side and owls on the other baby wipe from LOVE THIS!
Upcycled envelope from
Good Sized face scrubbie from
Rosemary Gardeners Soap (smells wonderful!) from
Ladybug Pony holder from
Lip Balm samples from
Clean Beans (smell so clean) from Coffeybean Boutique
Gift Certificate from
AWESOME keychain by
Gift Certificate from
Cell Phone charm from
Goats milk lotion and healing hemp balm from
Cotton Candy Soy Tart (love that it's shaped like a cupcake) from
recycled crayon from shaped like a P for Pam AWWW
Mini Envelope from Great idea!
Can't wait till next month!!


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  2. hope you enjoy the cell charm/zipper pull! :D

  3. hope you enjoy the gift certificate!!



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